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Translating HR into simplified practice

Each company has its own personality comprised of culture, size, industry, ownership, goals, risk tolerance, and so on. This is why we customize all of the work we do to fit each client. This is also the reason so many canned solutions simply don’t work.   

We want to work with clients who are looking to do more than just check the box – because at the end of the day if you are not walking the talk, your human resources and payroll functions will fail - or worse backfire and cost you a lot more in time, reputation, and resources than doing it right the first time would have.

HR Audits


  Let us find your gaps before someone else does. Our consulting team will audit your existing policies and procedures and make recommendation in order to ensure you are compliant and efficient with all things human resources and payroll. 

Total Package HR Management


We serve as your Human Resources Representative. Our role can be customized to include coaching and consulting with your managers and employees; creation and maintenance of HR policies; managing your payroll; and all other day-to-day Human Resources functions.

HR Consulting


Just need some advice? 

We're here to help with the one-off questions and situations which need an Human Resources expert's advice.

Training & Development


  The best way to ensure compliance and to create a productive and pleasant workplace is to proactively train staff. Our human resources training ranges from Supervisor 101, to Leadership Development, to Sexual Harassment Training, to Payroll, and beyond. 

Let TPPS simplify your HR functions today!

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